Clean Technology

We have the future standard – today! Clean Technology - Products of the future by Haas+Sohn.

Ecological responsibility, for Haas+Sohn, means setting new milestones for the next generation and for a clean future.

With »CLEAN TECHNOLOGY« we have set an extremely clear signal as this standard makes our oven and stove products of the future – but today! Emission standards, which will only be applicable in Europe as of 2015, define the minimum required limits which we already unequivocally and effectively meet with our »CLEAN TECHNOLOGY«.

Today, the stoves produced by Haas+Sohn are so clean in use, that they need not be equipped with a filter or a catalyst. This also makes any exchange, disposal or refitting redundant. Thus, with a clear conscience you may provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere in your home and enjoy the amenities of our products!


Your advantages:

  • less soot
  • reduced cleaning effort
  • enhanced quality of life
  • more comfort (of the home)
  • neither filter nor catalyst necessary
  • thus no exchange, refitting or disposal necessary
  • no waste disposal
  • less particulate air pollution
  • optimally prepared for future heating standards

Internal Haas+Sohn guidelines for achieving of seal of quality: dust < 40 mg/m³; degree of effi ciency > 80%

CLEAN TECHNOLOGY is a registered trademark.