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Haas+Sohn –
The No. 1 for heating

Market leadership built on innovation

With its extensive assortment Haas+Sohn is market leader in Austria, in all other important markets in Germany and in the Czech Republic the company always is on the front lines. 

With 85 percent export share, Germany constitutes the most important country of exportation for Haas+Sohn. In this country, the group of companies ranks among the top-5-suppliers, depending on the market fluctuation, in the Czech Republic Haas+Sohn strongly maintains its number two market position. 

Presently the product range comprises an extensive choice of oven and stove variants for the home – from wood-burning fireplace stoves and oil stoves to pellet stoves, from domestic slow combustion stoves and side stoves to kit stoves and slow burning stoves. The assortment is rounded off by a wide variety of accessories. All in all, this makes Haas+Sohn a full-line supplier.

The products of Haas+Sohn are assigned to two sales segments: "Premium Line" and "Basic Line". Whilst the Premium Line products are exclusively offered in the specialized trade, the products of the "Basic Line" are available in DIY-stores, on the Internet and also in the specialized trade. 

Innovations such as the automatic secondary air adjustment control, the patented wood-coal-automatic mode in the Dual Control System or the automatic fuel recognition enable the Haas+Sohn products to maintain their leading position as far as environmental friendliness, degree of efficiency and heating capacity are concerned.

Headquarters in Puch near Salzburg

The Haas+Sohn corporate group now employs a total workforce of 416 via the Reischl Private Foundation. The headquarter of the corporate group is located in Austria (Puch/38 employees), the german headquartie is Sinn (18 employees) Its production sites are located in the Czech Republic (Rumburk/200 employees) and Hungary (Papa/160 employees).