Since mid-May 2020, our new HAAS + SOHN app is available in the Apple and Google Play Store. Please note following information for switching from the old (grey) to the new (red) app. Your smartphone and your stove have to be in the same WIFI Network during first connection. In addition, switch the oven from "GLOBAL" to "LOCAL" mode Please select your stove in the stove list (APP) and set up a connection with using a PIN Code. You will find this required PIN Code in the Stove Main Menu – Network – WIFI Status PIN – APP PIN. After a short time, the app will perform an automatic update. You will find a description of the update process following. Start of the Update (Fig 1): The update will start automatically as soon following conditions are met: • The Stove is connected to the new app • The Stove, the Wi-Fi Module and your smartphone are in the same Wi-Fi network • The Stove is in operating state “OFF”

Update process successfully completed (Fig. 2): After a successful update, the message below appears and you can use the app again as usual. After the update, you can reset the oven to the "GLOBAL" mode.

Update failed (Fig. 3): If an unexpected error occurred during the update, the following message appears:


After this error message, a new update attempt will start automatically after one hour. If you want to start a new update, attempt before this time has expired, please delete the stove from the stove list in the app and reconnect it. Troubleshooting: If the automatic update attempts fail repeatedly, please take the following measures: • Select the network "HAAS + SOHN Local" on your stove. • Select the "HAAS + SOHN Local" network on your smartphone or tablet. You can find this via the network search on your device • A password is required to log your smartphone / tablet into the "HAAS + SOHN Local" network. You will find this password indicated on the display of your stove. • If both devices are connect to the "HAAS + SOHN Local" network, the update will start automatically. After successfully completion of the update please set your stove back to "Global network" function. ECO-MODE Please note, that it is possible to adjust the Eco-Mode only from Software Rev. V7 and upwards. Earlier Software Version will not show this possibility. If you would like to adjust the ECO-Mode via the APP on your Smartphone or Tablet, please contact your next HAAS + SOHN Distributor who will be able to update your stove.