Easy air control

Easy Control air control

Comfortable warmth with just one Lever. “Easy Control” is the patented operating concept for the manual air control system used in the “Easy” series fireplace stoves. You benefit from easy and safe operation in an ergonomically comfortable position.



All three air inlets are quickly and easily controlled by you.

Step 1: Heating up

To provide sufficient air for heating up, put the lever to “Start” until the fire has taken evenly over the fuel.


Step 2: Heating mode

For clean and efficient combustion, simply push the lever upward. The air flows in through the external air intake into the stove.  The valuable warm ambient air remains untouched. This way you save heating costs and enjoy safe and trouble-free heating as well as the benefits of clean combustion.


Step 3: Burning out

To prevent rapid cooling down, after heating switch to Stop or“0”. By closing the air supply the heat of the stove remains in the room and you can enjoy it for hours.

I-Control air control

Comfortably warm fully automatically and electronically. With the innovative “i-Control” technology the air control is adjusted fully automatically for you by the stove from the i-series. This way your heating is clean, safe and economical - all on its own.




The fully automatic electronic “i-Control” air control adjusts the air vents of the stove with a small electric motor (only 5 kW in operation). Depending on combustion temperature, the appropriate air intake is opened or closed.  

The constant flushing of the pane with fresh air keeps the fireplace stove clean and a clear view of the fire is ensured.