Product highlights

Stoves & cookers

Concept for success: Own patents

Our development engineers in the Haas+Sohn plants in Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary work on new patents and further development of existing products. Each year around 300,000 euros is invested in the development of new technology.

We also enjoy excellent cooperation with technical universities with the specific aim of developing new standards in combustion technology. As a result, Haas+Sohn can itself become active in implementing its own ideas, testing and taking innovations to the production stage.

Our excellent equipment features are marked on all our stoves and fireplaces.


Fully automatic electronic air control

The i-control function controls the stove air inlets with a small electronic motor (only 6 W in operation). The corresponding air inlet is opened or closed depending on the combustion temperature.

Automatic heating mode

With consistently high efficiency and without a power supply, you make savings in heating costs and time due to cleaner combustion, minimal cleaning required and maximum ease of use.

Simple air regulation with one lever

All three airflows – primary, secondary and nozzle air – are ergonomically and comfortable controlled with just one lever. You benefit from cleaner combustion that allows you save in heating costs.

Up to 5 times longer heat emission
The perfect add on to your central heating

The perfect supplement to central heating utilises part of the heat produced for direct heating. The residual heat is injected into the central heating system. Thus you have an optimal cost and energy-saving heating alternative while the seasons are changing.

For a healthier and better indoor climate

By predominantly using external air for the combustion, you save heating costs. Enjoy safer and smoother operation, as well as the benefits of cleaner combustion.

Room air independent for a healthy indoor climate

RLU equipment (DIN 18897-certified) is ideal for low energy and passive houses, as well as thermally renovated buildings, as the combustion air is only supplied from outside due to the additional tightness. Thus controlled domestic ventilation without indoor air monitor is possible.

While not heating – lockable supply air connection

The air inlet can be closed while the stove is not in use, which prevents the warm room air from escaping through the fireplace.

For your safety

The door gently closes and locks – elegant and reliable.

Austrian Environment Label UZ 37

Denotes environmentally friendly products with very low emission values (< 20 mg/m³) and renders proof that goods are produced environmentally friendly.