Product highlights

Pellet stoves

Concept for success: Own patents

Our development engineers in the Haas+Sohn plants in Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary work on new patents and further development of existing products. Each year around 300,000 euros is invested in the development of new technology.

We also enjoy excellent cooperation with technical universities with the specific aim of developing new standards in combustion technology. As a result, Haas+Sohn can itself become active in implementing its own ideas, testing and taking innovations to the production stage.

Our excellent equipment features are marked on all our stoves and fireplaces.

Fuel quality recognition

The automatic adjustment to the different pellet qualities guarantees a cleaner and a cost-efficent combustion as well a safer and smoother operation. Minimal cleaning required.

Extremely low noise level

The adjustable blower functions almost silently with ~35 dB(A) and is therefore as quiet as a modern fridge.

Fully automatic room temperature control

The integrated room sensor ensures an even indoor temperature and eliminates the need to frequently switch on and off. You save money, protect the environment and have lower cleaning costs thanks to reduced Pollution.

Safety functions

The intelligent monitoring system functions automatically and guarantees safe operation. The stove shuts down automatically when the door is opened, when the burner is overfilled or contaminated, and in the event of a change of behaviour in the fireplace as a result of moving or blockage.

ECO mode – continuous operation at minimum power

The pellet stove doesn‘t automatically switch off once the room temperature is reached, but continues to burn on minimal output, thus avoiding start-stop losses. Furthermore the flames are always visible.

Allergy friendly by heat exchanger

Enjoy natural heat emission and convection without any room air blower. This prevents the dispersal of dust or other particles, maintains air Quality.

6 flue pipe connection options

This extremely flexible and space-saving solution is ideal for corner stoves. The flue pipe can be connected accordingly, as required.

Wood stove flame appearance

With the same calming effect as a log fire, the visible flames provide a comfortable atmosphere.

Austrian Environment Label UZ 37

Denotes environmentally friendly products with very low emission values (< 20 mg/m³) and renders proof that goods are produced environmentally friendly.