Customer Service

Your Service-Plus!

Our Promise to You:

Because for us the relationship with the customer does not stop with purchase: we guarantee you the best support if you need service. However old your stove is!



Long spare parts availability                                       Over 4,000 items permanently available
even for older models                                                     in the spare parts warehouse guarantee
                                                                                                      quick delivery



Professional service carried out                                            Instructions manuals and data
by our local business partners                                                sheets are available to download
                                                                                                                   on our website

Ordering Spare Parts & Service Requests

Spare Parts Orders & Service Enquiries Please contact your Haas+Sohn dealer directly when ordering spare parts or if you have any queries regarding repairs and service or any complaints.

Important! Please state the full type number and manufacturer’s number of your appliance in each case so that your enquiry can be dealt with quickly. You will find this information on the nameplate of your Haas+Sohn stove.



Haas+Sohn Customer Service guaranteed

  • nationwide support coverage provides rapid assistance
  • in-house customer service ensures professional implementation
  • around 40 technicians and service partners available to respond to your request
  • 4,000 permanently available items in the central spare parts warehouse ensure timely delivery
  • long delivery availability of all wearing parts ensures long service life for your stove