About us


We are Intelligent Heat Design from Salzburg.

In Salzburg we appreciate high quality of life – breathtaking landscapes, unspoilt nature, outstanding cuisine, world-class art and culture and a city that, in spite of its importance, has the homely feel of a village. We have taken on the task of passing on to you a bit of this attitude to life: Our stoves and cookers not only produce heat but also well-being and pleasure and, with their refined design and their outstanding quality, are another component of what gives Salzburg its international reputation:

Our large centre of excellence for research, development and design in Salzburg gives you the guarantee that we will put our all, now and in the future, into more than fulfilling our promise to you.

Our Vision:

We define new standards in precision, service and comfort for your individual lifestyle and this will enable us to provide you with QUALITY TIMES - in German: GUTE ZEIT.